Thursday 7 December 2023

Project EPIC

On the Wellcome Trust website there is now an article by Professor Havi Carel on EPIC, Epistemic Injustice in Healthcare, summarising the main objectives of the project for the next six years and emphasising the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the project. In Carel's words:

"EPIC is the first research project to look systematically at epistemic injustice across several domains within healthcare and to document empirical evidence of it.

There are a number of things we can do with this evidence. Firstly, we can make sure the theoretical concept of epistemic injustice works in this context. Does it need updating or changing?

Then we want to generate material that can benefit patients and healthcare professionals." 

Something that renders EPIC unique is the aim of testing the notion of epistemic injustice by investigating its utility in a number of different healthcare contexts. As Havi Carel says:
"Part of the EPIC project is focussed on six case studies, historical and contemporary, of real-life experiences at different points across a lifespan.

These case studies will help us test the validity of the concept of epistemic injustice by exposing it to very different empirical contexts and theoretical approaches."

Watch this brief video if you want to know more about EPIC:

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